lagerABSDiesellok T66 Hector R, ESU LokSound

Artikelnr ESU 31284

Diesellok T66 Hector R

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Metal body and chassis.
Brass and plastic parts are separately applied.
Brass steps.
Separate handle bars.
Perforated radiator grills on the roof.
Sprung buffers.
Coupler shaft as per NEM 362 with short coupler kinematics.
Five-pole skew wound high performance motor with sound optimised commutator and two electronically balanced flywheels.
Four axles powered by a Cardan shaft and worm gear.
Four traction tires.
Headlights, cab lighting, illuminated driver´s cab-control panel and “braking sparks” with maintenance-free warm white LEDs.
Controlled with ESU LokSound V4.0 M4 decoder with two speakers.
Curve sensors.
“PowerPack” storage capacitor for uninterrupted power supply.
Load dependent, fan driven smoke generator with temperature control.
Length over buffers: 247 mm
Minimum radius 360 mm

ESU LokSound


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